The STACER’S 589 CROSSFIRE Aluminium Boat
17 Oct 18


Stacer, Australia’s premier aluminium boat builder, teams up with the Patriot Games for one of the most extreme Outback Adventures yet. The series kicked off September 16th on Channel 9, catch up on!

Patriot Games follows a family of 5 across Australia’s most remote country putting Stacer Boats, Patriot Campers and Ram Trucks through the ultimate test in an action-packed reality series.

With such a big family, Patriot Games chose the Stacer 589 Crossfire because it is a great cross over family and fishing boat with a capacity of 6 people. The entire family can enjoy time on the water together. 

The Stacer 589 Crossfire is ideal for longer trips through rough water because it is equipped with the latest Revolution hull, designed to charge further to more remote fishing spots. 

Think of the Revolution Hull as the drive train of the Ram Supertourer. It is rugged, built with strong pressed alloy sheets, it is smooth, built with a sharp entry, and nobody does it better than Patriot Campers and Stacer Boats. 

The Crossfire Range comes standard with an insert for a ski pole/bait board. While water sports are not ideal for croc country where the Patriot Games are exploring, this is a fantastic option for families who want to go fishing and do tow sports. 

Australia is hot, we all know it, so we take our eskies seriously. The crossfire has room for a 100L esky under the casting platform. 

With a model to suit every boater the Crossfire range now offers a line-up of 469, 499, 519, 539 and 589 models all available with a side or centre console configuration. 

Maximum horse power ratings range between 75hp and 150 hp (depending on the model), ideal to get to the fishing spot first or pulling your kids around for water sports

Boaters will now receive a larger side sheet which will create increased freeboard, alloy live well with viewing window, fully welded side decks, a scupper drainage system, a grab rail on console, sea tread on transom and underfloor storage. 

‘The new 589 Crossfire from Stacer is in a league of its own, that tinny is built solid!’ said Justin Montesalvo, Founder of Patriot Campers 'Its the perfect aluminium boat for the family weekend, serious estuary fisherman or hardcore adventurer wading through croc infested waters or chasing pelagics off the coast up North, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing that in!’ 

Season 2 of Patriot Games is currently airing on Channel Nine September 16th to December 23rd 2018. Watch catch-up on Nine Now!