The Versatile Wildrider 539

Versatile Wildrider 539
13 Apr 22

Cruisers and marines deserve the best boats for sale to take them to their wildest offshore adventures. Few watercraft do this better than the Stacer Wildrider 539. A mighty vessel, this boat takes watersports and offshore cruises to the next level.

A cruising favourite, the Wildrider offers the best for watersport enthusiasts. Its spacious deck allows multiple passengers to fit their equipment while still having room to move around without standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Courtesy of Stacer's brilliant hull design, the Wildrider stands strong against fearsome winds and currents, turning harsh environments into watersport playgrounds. It has all the qualities of a mighty offshore beast in a medium-sized vessel that fits perfectly on a boat trailer, is fuel-efficient, and is lightweight.

The Wildrider is a popular choice for families who prefer casual cruises along quiet lakes and rivers. However, this watercraft shines the brightest in offshore environments where passengers can experience skiing and wakeboarding at the highest level. The vessel's lightweight characteristic allows medium-power engines to propel the Wildrider with little effort. Stacer's brilliant hull design keeps the boat stable at high speeds, even through an endless barrage of waves. Meanwhile, the boat's deck is spacious and can be customized with various boating accessories, allowing for personal touches.

The Wildrider's lightweight feature allows propulsion from a wide variety of engines. However, the mighty Stacer boat works best with the Yamaha 115 HP, a DOHC engine that can best capitalize on the Wildrider's already ideal weight. The efficient weight management of the vessel allows passengers to fit extra equipment, making weight capacity one of its shining traits.

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